Hi. I'm Susan Cole and I'm a gluten free home baker located in Mattoon, Illinois.

When I found out that I could not tolerate gluten, I had already been lactose free for decades. Along with some other food issues, I kept asking myself, what can I eat?!?

I bought the recommended books and tried making my own flour mix - expensive! I tried bread recipes - frustrating! I was also frustrated at the lack of options in the area for gluten free food, especially restaurants. I still miss my favorite Chinese place!

Fast forward a few years and I've gotten into a groove. Best of all, I'm back to loving to cook and bake!

Making this dietary change was difficult, and I wanted to see what I could do to help others make the adjustment easier than I did. After years of toying with the idea, Yippee! It's Gluten Free! was born in March 2022. 

I started with simple items - cookies and cakes - and after just a couple of months, I have been able to add quick breads and snack foods. As a home baker, I can only sell approved baked goods, but... I can also share simple recipes and tips for staying gluten free, which I will do on my Facebook page and this website.

Together, we can do this! See you soon!